10 Thoughtful and Intimate Ways to Celebrate Your Partner on Your Big Day

10 Thoughtful and Intimate Ways to Celebrate Your Partner on Your Big Day

If you are looking for a thoughtful way to celebrate your partner on your big day, this article is for you! Keep reading for 10 thoughtful and intimate ways to celebrate your partner on your big day.

Celebrate with Their Favorite Sweet

If your partner has a special sweet, why not consider incorporating it into the reception? You can still have a wedding cake and do a cake cutting ceremony—if you’re sticking with typical wedding traditions—but still involve their special treat. Maybe it’s their mother’s homemade apple pie or a special treat that their grandparents used to make. Whatever it is, imagine how surprised and touched they’ll be if a plate of it is brought out for them along with wedding cake!

Write a Sentimental Note

Another thoughtful way to celebrate your partner is to write them an intimate and sweet note to read before the big day. You can either give it to them the night before or slip it to their bridal party to have it delivered the day of. It’s certainly a way to put a big smile on their face to start the day.

Give Them a Thoughtful Gift

You can also give them a thoughtful gift. Consider gifting them cuff links or jewelry to celebrate the union. Not only will they smile ear to ear, but they’ll have something special to wear on the big day.

Decorate with Cherished Pieces

Another way to celebrate your partner on your wedding day is to use some of their cherished pieces to decorate. If you’re hosting a rustic wedding and they have a collection of teacups, consider using them to decorate the dessert table!

Get Your Rings Engraved

Getting your rings engraved is another way to celebrate your partner. You can surprise them by having each other’s initials engraved on the inside of the rings. Other options are your favorite quote, lyrics, or your wedding date.

Plan a Breakfast for Them

Planning breakfast for your partner on the big day is another thoughtful option to show how much your care. If you’re both staying in a hotel, consider ordering their favorite breakfast through room service. Or, get their bridal party in on the idea and have them pick up their favorite breakfast from a local place.

Customize Their Clothes

Another idea is to customize their clothes. You can write on the bottom of their shoes or even embroider the wedding date on their cuff.

Organize a Groom’s Cake

A groom’s cake is an age-old tradition and is a great way to celebrate what your partner loves. If they’re into sports, incorporate their favorite sports team. If they love golf, incorporate that.

Book a Getaway Car

Does your partner love flashy or classic cars? If that’s the case, consider booking a “getaway car” for you to make your big escape that night!

Involve Your Furry Friends

Are your pets a big part of your relationship? If so, take a picture of your furry animals in advance with a sign that says “We can’t wait for you two to get married!” or something similar.

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