Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

As most people know, Christmas Day is the biggest wedding proposal day of the year. Which means there are a number of women who will be receiving stunning rings this holiday season in a variety of styles. What’s chic? What’s trendy? And what’s right for you? We’ll attempt to answer all of those questions below.

One big trend for 2017 is set to be rose gold bands to add a whole other layer of femininity to the wedding ring. In fact, color is a big trend across the board as colored diamonds offer a beautiful choice for the bride, who could go with a canary yellow diamond or a pink one without feeling too excessive. For an especially bold look, try a chocolate or black diamond to get that ultra-modern touch.

But what about colored gems? After all, there’s no rule saying a stone must be a diamond and many brides and grooms who have walked through our doors have experimented with and chose a stone like a green sapphire, red rubies, or emeralds.

In terms of the popular cuts of 2017, floral has been on the rise for the past year with ring designers adding floral touches like flowers, petals, vines, and even more ideas taken right from the garden. If a floral look is something you want to explore, consider rounding it off with a floral-inspired halo.

Of course, the shape of a ring is another area that’s receiving new life with new designs, like a square-shaped band. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also provide a sleek alternative to round bands.

Now what if you want a more vintage or antique look in your ring? While some family’s are lucky to have a heirloom to pass down from bride to bride, you can always take a cue from vintage-inspired trends like having a ring with an Art Deco flair. If you want a more organic look, however, an ornate setting with scrollwork (or flourishes that mirror the look of scrolls) adds a playful, one-of-a-kind edge to your ring.

Finally, let’s not forget intricate side views , whether it’s scalloped diamonds engraved along either side or a chain link effect for a particularly contemporary look.

Ultimately, while it’s important to be aware of the trends as you get a better sense of your options, also hold onto your vision and never go with a ring just because it’s trendy. You want your ring to reflect both your personality and the love you share with your partner and thus we advise brides-to-be to pick from the above choices, mixing and matching to find the perfect ring for them.