The Wedding Trends You Should Know About for 2017

The ball has dropped, kisses have been exchanged, and we’ve all mostly gotten back to our routines. That’s right, it’s 2017 at last and that means it’s the time of the year to take an overview of the major trends that wedding planners, analysts, and tastemakers are predicting to be big over the next twelve months.

And if there’s one thing to take away from poring over the countless trend articles that come out this time of year, it’s that luxury is back. By that we mean that while minimal, low-key wedding will always have their place, more and more brides are embracing their big days in major ways.

For instance, after years of metallics being the show-stealing color move when white wasn’t quite right, now it’s all about utilizing wall hangings, props, and centerpieces that either reinforce a monochromatic vibe or, more likely, complement one another to create a classy yet colorful ceremony. And nothing quite goes with color like a major entrance to really sell the new fun luxury that more and more young couples are finding exciting features and themes that work for them.

If you’re holding your wedding with us, our wedding experts know how to optimize the garden patio and outdoors area to create the perfect vibe for your big day.

When it comes to food, meals are increasingly becoming two-fold as revelers are starting to crave late-night snacks. So whether you call in your favorite food truck or have your chef plan a secondary meal of easy-to-eat snack. Snacks have become so popular that some brides have even taken to ditching the wedding cake in favor of custom donuts, elaborate cookies, and gourmet recreations of childhood faves.

Finally, as technology has ceased to be a fad, we’ll look next week to take a full snapshot of the major technology trends of the present and near-future. That said, as we first reported last summer, one particularly interesting tech trend is the use of 3D printers to create one-of-a-kind cake toppers to transform even the most basic cake into an elaborate and luxurious sculpture-like dessert. So when it comes to planning your wedding this year, be sure to spoil yourself and indulge your childhood fantasies. After all, it all becomes quite real after your wedding, so make that day one that is as personal as it is phenomenal.