The Wedding Technology that You Should Know About

Considering that most wedding ceremonies we see follow centuries-old traditions, it can be exciting to watch the technological enhancement of a bride’s big day, but also nerve-wracking. After all, technology breaks. People misuse it. And social media can bring its own set of issues. As the options increase of electronic ways to make your wedding pop and sparkle and be remembered for all eternity, we’re here to help you wade through this increasingly complex side of the wedding industry to look at the major trends and how they can be tastefully utilized.


One of the most popular technology trends to emerge in the past year have come in the form of 3D printed items like rigs, cake toppers, and props. After all, while we’ve previously discussed the growing popularity of couples using the technology to create truly one-of-a-kind cake toppers, such as lifelike replicas of the bride and groom, 3D jewelry is more a matter of personal taste, though it can make for an extremely efficient way to accessorize your bridesmaids with matching jewelry.  Finally, if you’re going for a heavily-themed wedding that calls for a variety of props, 3D printing is an efficient and easy way to bring your marital fantasy to life!


A second area that has taken on a life of its own is social media. While customized hash tags allow wedding guests to all stay on the same page and share their photos with one another, it’s important to be aware of some of the dangers that can come with social media. For instance, as it’s many of our reflexes to immediately share good news on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, make sure you let your family know first to avoid any family drama. Also, while everyone loves ring pics, don’t get too detailed when it comes to price or measurements as this can come off as bragging.


The third and final area of technology we’re going to look at is within internet browser features like designing your dress in addition to wedding apps such as Wed Happy that is like a personal planner but one specifically tailored to planning a wedding. Simply put, this is an area of wedding technology that is still in its early stages and the market is already getting crowded, but by doing your homework and talking to the professionals here at The Park Savoy, you can ensure that you get the most out of your technology choices.