Top Wedding Trends for February 2017

Although we covered the essentials of throwing a winter wedding in December, with the major holidays out of the way by February, there are plenty of additional tips to be aware of. As such, we cover some of the winter wedding essentials you’ll want to make sure you have covered in time for your big day.

First and foremost, make sure you and your bridesmaids are going to be comfortable and warm. Get them faux fur wraps, and one for yourself, as you’ll likely want to take some pictures outside amongst the snow and fur always pops against a white background. In addition, as you’ll likely be dealing with red faces and runny noses, be sure to have ample tissues and make-up top up to keep you and your bridesmaids looking as beautiful as when you stepped out of make-up.

When it comes to picking out your bridesmaids’ dresses, the short days and tempered colors that come with this time of the year mean that your decorations could benefit from some sparkle in the form of embellishments and accessories. Furthermore, as you might be taking pictures in several inches of snows, packing boots and protective winter wear will keep your bridesmaids from getting too cold!

When it comes to your guests, just like some weddings will feature a flip-flop basket during the summer, consider filling a picnic basket with blankets so your guests are never in danger of getting cold. This goes double for your wedding menu; not only are hot beverages like mulled wine a must but warm canapés like steak skewers and grilled Winter vegetables.

Finally, to circle back to your ideal winter wedding colors, they often change month to month, with pink and white being popular for the first half of the month. But all winter long the main decision is whether you want bright colors to contrast against the white snow or celebrate the iciness of the season. And since the day ends quickly, be sure you have lit candles decorating the outdoor pathways and ensure everything is well-lit and warm in time to make your winter wedding a shining beacon of brilliant light.