Color Me Married: 2017’s Hottest Wedding Color Combos

Perhaps we’re getting a little overexcited about winter’s end, but this week all we can think about is color as nature begins to regain its nuanced tones. While winter weddings are not mutually exclusive with confident colors, winter white tends to incline people towards muted pinks and snowy whites. But once the green-tinted month of March arrived, we tend to see a marked uptick in couples getting far more adventurous in their color choices. With the seasonal color change in mind, we offer some advice on how to approach choosing your palette along with some of the spring wedding color combinations we’re seeing this year.

When it comes to selecting your color palette, there are two elements which will almost always play a role in shaping your decision: the season in which you are getting married and the venue itself. From there, it helps to think of the emotional and aesthetic tone you’re aiming for, be it playful and funky, refined and elegant, or urbane and sophisticated, amongst countless other choices. By starting with your color palette in the wedding planning process, you establish a framework that will inform everything from your wedding dress to your floral bouquets.

If you fall in the playful and funky category, retro-inspired weddings might be an idea you’re entertaining. By pairing the colors aqua and cherry red with a khaki foundation, you’ll establish an unpretentious yet decidedly preppy look that is perfect for 50s-inspired flourishes like antique signs and a sofa float. Plus, this is a color combo that works for both spring and summer weddings.

For the bride whose idea of an ideal wedding falls into the refined and elegant category, combing black with white and pale green is a delightfully contemporary update on classic black-and-white weddings. If you want the elegance of a black-and-white affair but also are environmentally-inclined or love the verdant greens of spring, then this is a perfect choice as you can bring in a number of additional green tones by using succulents in your bridal bouquet.

Finally, we’ve got you urbane and sophisticated brides covered with a classy yet whimsical combination of chartreuse, powder blue, and cornflower blue. If that combination feels a tad too royal-influenced for your taste, pairing sophisticated golds and greens with a seasonal peach color will add a touch of summer-ready sunshine, even if it is only March.

Of course, the above examples should be seen more as a launch pad for your own creativity. Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or have an idea of your own that feels true to who you are, focus on selecting colors that are vibrant and spring-ready while also reflective of you and your groom’s personal style.