Spring Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are an art unto themselves. From conceptualizing your invitation idea to choosing the materials to deciding upon a printer and countless other decisions, they can seem as overwhelming as planning a wedding. But when you have a clear vision of what you want in your wedding invitations then the rest of the process becomes all the much easier as it’s only a matter of making your vision a reality, which is easy to to do with any of the following spring wedding invitation ideas.

 If you’re like us, spring can bring to mind the colorful Impressionist paintings of Claude Monet, who practically captured the essence of spring in his paintings. Watercolors are always a tasteful medium but for a spring wedding they are positively inspired. Whether you choose to express your artistic side and create a painting of where you will be wed or hire a professional to create a custom Impressionist-style tableau of flowers, with water colors only your imagination is the limit. Pair the image with gold calligraphy to really create a piece of art. 

As we’ve discussed already, April is a month full of flowers and thus flowers are a dominant motif in many of the invitations we see. Consider going with a floral print that’s already been designed or if you have a design you’re particularly fond of, you can scan that and provide the printer with the specs.

 Pastels are another big decorative theme for spring, and one that you can really play around with. For example, you can go sleek and modern by having a detachable hexagon pressed in the center that your guests can write a vow on for you and yours to read during your service. You can also go for the minimal look by having a two-tones pastel border with strong helvetica font in the middle.

 When it comes to designing your whole suite of invitations, it helps to approach them all at once so that they form a coherent narrative. For instance, you can have each invitation or save the date mailer a different shade of the dominant color you are using to create a stunning ombré effect once a guest has received all of the stationary. Or you can have each one contain a piece of a greater image or word when assembled together. 

In short, when it comes to designing your spring wedding invitation, floral motifs and pastels are likely going to be on the table but what you do with them ultimately comes down to you and your tastes.