2019 Summer Wedding Trends to Consider

2019 Summer Wedding Trends to Consider


You might think summer is far away, but when you’re thinking about your wedding—and finally some warm weather—you realize that summer cannot come fast enough! If you are having a summer wedding, keep reading for the top 2019 summer wedding trends. 


Purple Hues 


Color palettes are always changing and for 2019, you can expect to see a lot more of the color purple. From lilac and violet to periwinkle and indigo, purple hues are making their way into everything from floral arrangements and bridesmaids dresses to up lighting options and décor. 


Mix and Match Attire 


Recent wedding trends have seen bridesmaids mix and match dress types and colors, but in 2019 you can expect to see more groomsmen following the mix and match attire trend. There’s going to be a bigger focus on tailored fits and pops of color in groomsmen attire. Refined polka dots, checkered patterns, and even floral prints are some of the 2019 summer wedding styles you can expect to see. 


The Element of Nature 


After a strong showing in 2018, natural elements continue to be a wedding trend into the summer of 2019. While rustic and vintage wedding themes will wane a bit into the New Year, the idea of bringing nature inside with stunning greenery is expected to replace traditional floral centerpieces. 


Unplugged Ceremonies 


More and more wedding ceremonies are putting the focus back on the people. Unplugged ceremonies are expected to increase in popularity throughout the summer of 2019. That rule definitely goes out the window as soon as the reception starts though, as guests will be encouraged to share their pictures and memories on social media using a custom wedding hashtag. 




While couples are expected to boot technology out of some aspects of summer weddings, they are also going to leverage it in others. Drones, for example, are expected to be a 2019 summer wedding trend. Videographers are getting creative and offering drones to capture unique perspectives of weddings that haven’t been featured before. 


Silver and Chrome 


Another popular color palette that you can expect to see in 2019 summer weddings are silver and chrome accents. Instead of rose gold and gold, which was the norm for the past few years, there is going to be more silver and chrome in everything from chargers to décor. 


Place Cards That Make a Statement 


Place cards exist to inform your guests where they will be sitting. In 2018, trends shifted towards larger seating charts, but in 2019, a new emphasis will be put on place cards that make a statement. From clothespin clipped ribbon walls to tiny elephants or skeleton keys, in 2019 you can expect brides and grooms to bring the wow factor with their place cards. 


Hosting Your Wedding at an Estate Venue 


Something that is trendy no matter what year is hosting your wedding at a stunning estate venue. At The Park Savoy Estate, we have amazing grounds for your outdoor ceremony and an elegant ballroom that is sure to wow your guests—and play into the trendy color palate you choose for your big day. If you are interested in learning more about what The Park Savoy Estate has to offer for your 2019 summer wedding, contact us today and schedule a tour!

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