5 Tips to Remember for Your Make-Up Trial

It’s all-too-easy to walk into a make-up trial for an upcoming wedding with the idea that it’s just one more hoop to jump through before the actual fun and excitement of the wedding. It’s understandable. Yes, you’re excited, but you’ve also been neck-deep in wedding planning for (at least) a year now and it’s easy to think of the make-up trial and just another rehearsal you have to show up to. But it you want to get the most out of that expensive make-up (or artist), then it behooves to know what help you and your artist capture that perfect glow for the iconic aisle walk.

  1. Schedule the trial two weeks to a month before the wedding

For two reasons, one you don’t want your trial to be off-season. Skin behaves differently depending on temperature and moisture. Too far off, and you could be defeating the purpose of an accurate test run. But you also don’t want to schedule something that can be so time consuming (see five) during the crutch period, either. Scheduling a make-up trial three days before the wedding date may seem like prudence during the early stages of planning, but chances are your schedule will be hectic enough as is. You’ll want to have the option to devote an entire portion of your day to the make-up trial in order to get that sublime glow.


  1. Try to schedule it for the same time of day as the wedding

Skin tones and oils behave differently depending on how much natural and artificial light we have around us. So if you have the most accurate results if your trial make-up is applied at the same time of day it would be happening on your wedding.


  1. Bring photos (either of yourself, or your desired style)

Whether it’s for you own D.I.Y reference or the make-up artists, photos of a desired style will go much further towards pinpointing your desired aesthetic than lengthy descriptions and trial-and-error will. If you plan on doing your own thing, having photos of yourself will be a helpful reference, even if the lighting isn’t spot on with the wedding venue.


  1. Wear the same color as your dress

The conventional adage of “wear a white shirt” has to be a bit revised these days, but whatever your chosen color, you’ll want to be wearing it so you can get a feel for what tones complement it best –even if you’re going with the traditional white.


  1. Make peace with trial and error

With all the stress and pressure for perfection and bringing you’re A Game for the wedding day (both societal and self-imposed), it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of a make-up trial: to see what works and what doesn’t. Resist the urge to get discouraged or angry when the smoky eyeliner look you wanted doesn’t match the blush, or the overall style you wanted doesn’t work in neutral lighting. Try to schedule you trial so that you have the necessary time to hammer out any mishaps. Hollywood professionals often spend hours tinkering and seeing what works for each actor and actress. So don’t get down when you or your artist don’t adroitly create perfection on the first try.


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