A Practical Guide to Starting Your Wedding Exercise Routine Part I

First off, let’s be upfront: these kind of articles make us wince our nose a little. Giving health tips unsolicited is kinda’ like asking someone “if they’re going to wear that?” when they are about go out. It seems innocent enough, and usually comes from genuinely wanting to be helpful, but the insulting undertone is there. So let’s be clear: no one should be pressured to change themselves for others. It’s that simple. But, if you’re interested in starting a workout routine in preparation for the big day, then here are some practical tips for us who aren’t athletes and movie stars, and thus don’t have exercise as part of our professional routine.

Perhaps the most damaging thing about the endless advertisements that entail “SUPER EXTREME BODY TRANSFORMATION™. LOOK AT THE BEFORE AND AFTER IN JUST THIRTY DAYS!” or something to that effect. You know the type we’re talking about. Is that not only are they terribly unhealthy but they’re also misleading.

Oh, is it possible. Well, yeah. Anything is. You can train your body to walk over hot coals unscathed if you have the time, energy and (for some ungodly reason) the want to do so. But the truth is most people who start EXTREME CHALLENGE™ workout routines don’t stick with it. The quick, unexamined answer is, “well, they were lazy to begin with. Of course they couldn’t cut it.” But the reality is that those types of workout routines don’t conform to most people’s schedules. It takes time for the muscles and skin to shift naturally and for the mind and body to adjust to greater levels of intensity.

What are you more likely to accomplish tomorrow? A grueling hour and a half workout that would leave Jason Statham gasping for air and crying in the corner for half an hour or a simple commitment to do a fifteen minute jog? You’ll see more gains doing bite-sized workouts four days a week for three months than you’re most likely going to see doing an EXTREME CHALLENGE™ over a month. Exercise is as much about changing the mind as well as the body. First and foremost. Make yourself used to a routine, and then increase duration and intensity over time and as your hectic schedule allows.

So let’s create a plan:

  1. Start a schedule. The earlier before the wedding date the better.
  2. Let week one and week two be comprised of short fifteen minute workouts, three to four days a week. Increase workouts by increments as time allows.
  3. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Your body isn’t wrong or anything. If you stick to it, results will happen.

Next week, we’ll dieting, cross-fit and wedding dresses. Until then, take fifteen minutes out of your day, put on some running shoes and enjoy yourself.

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