Adding That Personal Touch to Your Wedding

It’s an interesting time for DIY brides. Even just five years ago there were enough blogs and online publications to empower many brides to take their wedding even further into their own hands, supplementing what their wedding professional would advise with hours spent reading articles, following trends, and clipping out pictures from wedding magazines. Today, it is even more severe with sites like Pinterest boasting more wedding pictures and ideas than your favorite bridal magazine and even more bloggers, each professing to document the “hottest” trends of the season. And with reality TV more ubiquitous than ever, sometimes a couple will simply point to a televised wedding as an example of what they want, without considering the unique skills the person they’ve hired brings to the table.


While this surfeit of information is empowering for the bride and her groom–after all, now a couple can simply hop online to get countless ideas and interface with numerous online vendors–it can also have a downside. After all, when you’re checking out a 100 different blogs, how do you even begin to whittle down the options to what you truly want? This can ultimately lead to what we call “wedding fatigue:” burning out on your wedding before the day even comes around!


What most couples want at the end of the day is a wedding that at once follows many of the hot seasonal trends while being a genuine reflection of their love and adding slight but well-thought-out flourishes to make your wedding undoubtedly your own.


So our first tip in adding a personal touch to your wedding is to not overdo it on the research. Before you even click on a site or open a wedding guide, take out a piece of paper and write down twenty words that describe both you and your significant other. Look for descriptive words like “spontaneous,” “old-fashioned,” or “urbane” to then inform how you personalize your wedding, going with a rural or country vibe if you find yourselves landing on a lot of “old-fashioned” words or however you begin to define yourselves. What’s important is that through this exercise, you can do a lot of the legwork of research up front by deciding what it is you want before getting bogged down by all of the options.


Once you’ve identified the overarching aesthetic that you both share, now it’s time to start customizing the various aspects of your wedding, starting with the wedding announcement itself by creating custom stamps and informing your guests of your wedding’s hashtag that will help you to stand out on social media.


Music often plays a big role in many couples’ lives so consider making a custom mix CD–the kind you’d make in high school, for example–to provide your guests with a soundtrack to your love while also giving them a good dose of 90s nostalgia!


From there, you can personalize everything from the wedding procession–dotting it with pics of you and yours–to the wedding cake–by adding decorations that reflect your personalities–to a signature cocktail made especially for your wedding! Simply put, there are countless ways to personalize your wedding: by understanding what makes you and yours so special will help you to customize your wedding in a way no guest will ever forget.

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