Alternatives to Honeymooning Abroad

The three main crazes of honeymooning are going abroad, going on a cruise and Hawaii. None of those are bad choices. There’s reason why they’ve endured as top choices for newlyweds. But some couples may not be interested in those. Perhaps they took a similar vacation the year before, or maybe they both travel a great deal for work; sometimes it’s as simple as admitting that weddings are expensive, and you’d both rather not put yourselves (and parents) in debt over a honeymoon. If you’ve been pondering what to do, here are some things to consider.


Road Trip

Question: Why visit one place when you can visit ten? Gas prices are going down (okay, it may never be 98 cents a gallon ever again, but let’s take it where we can get it.) and there’s something romantic about hitting the open road. You are both going into the unknown as companions, in this case both figuratively and literally. Start in New York, have a romantic dinner in Central Park West. Take a trip south and have breakfast at sunrise on the Mississippi waterfront at Café du Monde –just be forewarned, Café du Monde beignets and coffee can seduce you into moving to New Orleans. Or travel to the Pacific Northwest, visit the Space Needle in Seattle and then take a ferry out Bainbridge Island (if you take the ferry back at sunset, the Seattle city-scape is beautiful). While soaking up the sun in the Bahamas is great and all, there is something to be said for sharing wanderlust with a partner-in-crime.


A Cabin in The Mountains:

Alternatively, if life is loud and hectic for your partner and you, the complete opposite may be exactly what you need. Get away from everything and simply have each other. If you’re still feeling energetic, you can go skiing, hiking or rent a cabin lakeside. The evenings involve just to two of you, a candlelit dinner and watching the sun descend into the mountain range. It can truly be enlightening to see how much your partner complements you, when all of life’s distractions are silent and miles away.

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