How to Ask for Money in Lieu of Wedding Gifts

Depending on who you ask, asking for money as a wedding gift could be perceived as an affront, or just another way of ensuring that you and your significant other have a strong base to work with as you start married life. After all, with many couples co-habitating before tying the knot, they often have everything that’s found on a traditional wedding registry and money is often the best alternative. However, how you decide to ask for this type of gift is a tricky proposition. Here are a couple of ways to ask your loved ones politely to open up their wallets!


  1. Set up a specific fund

It’s a natural reaction when giving cash to know what it’s going to be used for, so you can give your loved ones peace of mind by having them donate to a “fund” of your choice. This can be anything from supporting your honeymoon, buying your first house or whatever else is on the horizon. Additionally, your family and friends will love knowing that they played a role in a huge step of your lives!


  1. Wishing Well Poem

Many couples will choose to set up a “wishing well” at their weddings so that guests can give cash instead, and this is also a great option for those who are traveling who may not be able to carry gifts to the ceremony. However, asking formoney directly is a delicate task, which is why a wishing well poem may be a great way to go! This can be placed on your wedding website or your actual invitation. This is a great chance to be creative, talk about you and your significant other’s past and future, and is a much softer ask than requesting money up front!

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