The Best Way to Control Costs at Your Elegant Wedding

The Best Way to Control Costs at Your Elegant Wedding

While no one would argue that weddings can be pricey affairs, they also are some of the most memorable days and events in a family’s life. And while our clients at the Park Savoy choose us because they want an inimitably elegant wedding, we’ve also learned some budget-saving tips over the years that won’t negatively affect the look or elegance of a wedding but will help a young couple or the bride’s parents to rein in the cost. Ultimately, you want to focus on the areas that matter most to you and then find those items and features you’re less attached to make cuts.  

Pick the Perfect Size

One of the quickest and simplest ways to cut down on cost is to try and keep the invitations down to family, friends, and those acquaintances you simply must invite. After all, a typical guest will receive a set of invitations, a catered meal, drinks, and a piece of a rather extravagant wedding cake, and that’s just scratching the surface. More importantly, we’ve found a common mistake that young brides and grooms make is to invite seemingly every friend they’ve ever had, down to long-lost pals from summer camp. And while a wedding is certainly a chance to get the old gang together, is it your only one?  Think hard when putting together your guest list and try to invite only those you feel it wouldn’t be a wedding without. 

Get Flexible with the Date

A summer weekend wedding is almost always going to cost more than a weekday affair, but that can be difficult to coordinate with everyone’s schedules. However, if you are having a wedding where everyone lives close by, consider having your wedding during a weekday to save on a number of venue and vendor fees that go up on the weekends. A weekday weekend works especially well in the summer if your wedding party has a large number of teachers and students in it. Or consider having a weekday wedding during the holiday season when it feels like every day is part of one long weekend. Of course, don’t just have a weekday wedding to save money. If you have a lot of people flying into town or making long drives, then a weekend is often your best bet. 

Compare, Compare, Compare 

This tip isn’t ideal if you’re prone to procrastination as the internet offers those with time seemingly endless resources with which to compare and contrast the many wedding vendors in your area from which to choose. But sites like Yelp and are great resources that allow you to look at the different vendors for each service or good that you require, read reviews, and price compare to make sure you’re getting the best deal on that elegant floral bouquet. 

Floral Frenzy 

Our last tip works especially well for the elegant wedding. Flowers are a classic decoration that looks as timeless and elegant today as they will twenty years from now in the pictures you have saved from your big day. Forgo more costly, artificial decorations for an organic, holistic look that will make you look especially green while saving you plenty as well! 

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