The Best Wedding Trends for 2018

The Best Wedding Trends for 2018

December tends to be a month in which we find ourselves reflecting on the past year while looking ahead to the coming year. And in the wedding world, this is a great time to take stock of the trends that dominated weddings in 2017. Consider how to update them or which new wedding trends to pivot to, from decor and wedding colors to dresses and flowers and so much more.

Navy is the New Black

As we discussed during the summer, navy blue has increasingly become an en vogue color in the wedding industry. Navy has become an extremely popular bridesmaid dress color, especially for weddings held near water. However, for 2018, many wedding experts are seeing navy blue not just popular as a dress color, but as the neutral shade in elegant weddings. Where black-and-white affairs once was the go-to in terms of luxury weddings, today’s brides are finding navy blue as a welcome alternative, not just for bridesmaids but as the go-to color for invitations.

The New New Metallics

Metallics in the form of bronze, brass, and rose gold accents have been a staple of many elegant weddings for the past few years. For 2018, though, wedding forecasters are looking to silver and chrome as two metallic tones that are on the rise in popularity and can be found in everything from dress accents to centerpieces and wall decorations.

Flowers with a Minimal Touch

Single-flower, minimal floral centerpieces have been on the rise for a while now and look set to continue their dominance well into 2018, with a couple twists. Less is definitely more these days with many brides going with a couple of the same flowers set in a ceramic or glass vase.

The New Elegant

Lastly, in terms of general approaches to weddings, we’ve discussed at length how important personalization is when adding your own spin on wedding trends. In previous years, this has meant couples choosing a less-formal wedding with a more casual atmosphere. And while keeping things casual is always essential to have a truly enjoyable day, 2018 promises to be the year in which elegance is the buzzword amongst many soon-to-be-married couples. Simply put, we’re seeing more brides take the personalization trend and apply it to more formal weddings, breaking with the traditions that might not match the bride or groom’s personalities while following those that do.

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