Black Tie

Black tie events, which are usually reserved for the evening hours, are a formal option for classy attire and a refined aesthetic. The details of the dress code apply more to men than women, as all it requires of women is typically a floor-length gown. Men are expected to pull out all the stops and include intricate pieces into their looks, all while making sure they stand out in a crowd of black tuxedos. If you’re looking to take your look to the next level and spruce up your style at a black tie wedding, we’ve got you covered. 

 black tux

The Tuxedo: 

A dark colored tuxedo will have you stunning the guests and looking both classy and sharp. Add silk lapels to radiate an aura of elegance and create a dimensional look compared to the flat look of a classic tux. Although men do typically wear tuxedos to black tie events, suits can also work if you style them up with the proper details to elevate the look. Although the pants and jacket are the bread and butter of a black tie look, who’s to say you can’t have some fun with it? Experimenting with tuxedo styles, like a peak lapel on the jacket, can help to give the illusion of a taller and slimmer shape while serving fellow guests a visually interesting piece of a black tie staple. 


The Shirt: 

The timeless contrast of a black tuxedo and a white shirt appears put-together and perfect for an elegant event. If you feel like making a statement for your event, try out some textured shirt options with a bib. Oftentimes, the details on the shirt come with rules about which accessories you should incorporate. When wearing a bibbed shirt, for example, you should always wear a black bow tie. To make it fun, play with subtle hues like blush or pale blue. The hint of color can play up your fun accessories, too, so choose your shirt wisely in order to maximize the style. 

 black tie

The Details: 

The devil’s in the details. Paying attention to your shoes and accessories can elevate your attire and bring it to a new level. 


Starting at the bottom, formal pumps, also known as opera pumps, give a shiny appearance and act as a great alternative to a formal flat-finish oxford. Your footwork will be eye-catching on the dancefloor with some fashionable footwear, so wear it with confidence. Suede shoes are also a great, trendy option for a show-stopping ensemble! 


As far as cufflinks go, make them as unique and personalized as you want. They can turn out to be a great conversation piece, so have fun with it and don’t be afraid of a little risk. With so many clean-cut rules for black tie attire, why not use accessories to your advantage? Whether you’re looking to do something quirky that shows off your fun side, or something classy that shows off your chic side, make it your own. 

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Play with pocket squares to spruce up the look; if you plan to don a fun-colored shirt, wearing a coordinating patterned pocket square can help to further accentuate the interesting, unique pieces of your outfit. Go ahead and work it all in with some patterned socks! It doesn’t have to be an exact color match, but sticking with the same theme and color palette will give you the refined appearance of black tie with your own spin. 


Whether you’re flying solo or showing up with a date, there are plenty of opportunities to add flare to the classic black tie attire. If you’re stuck, ask your friends for advice or look up some inspiration online. Though you may feel limited in your choices, there are plenty of ways to spice it up to give your own take on black tie! 


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