Celebrating and Honoring Others’ Love at Your Wedding

Celebrating and Honoring Others’ Love at Your Wedding


Getting married is the ultimate declaration of love. It’s a promise and a commitment to always be true and to cherish one another for the rest of your days. A wedding is not just a big party—although it is the best party you’ll ever throw in your life—it’s a celebration of your love and devotion and a reminder of others’ love.  


As you think about your big day, is there a couple whose love inspired you growing up? Did seeing your grandfather bring your grandmother a bouquet of her favorite flowers every Friday remind you what true, unconditional love is? Did your aunt and uncle show you the epitome of love and compassion or maybe a family friend? If so, it’s understandable that you’d want to celebrate and honor their love on your big day. Your wedding is about the love that you and your fiancé share, but here are a few ways to celebrate and honor other couples at your wedding!  


Display a Collection of Romantic Quotes 

If you’re looking for romantic decorations that are also meaningful, consider asking the couples you look up to for help! Have them to write down their favorite romantic quotes or even their key to having a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. Then, print them out, frame them and display them throughout your venue with a picture of the happy couple from their wedding day.  


Request A Reading at The Ceremony  

One of the best ways to incorporate someone meaningful into your ceremony is to have them do a reading. Your grandparent or aunt might not quite fit into a bridesmaid role, but allowing them to do a reading at the ceremony is a chance for you to express just how much they mean to you.  


Have a Special Dance 

A great way to recognize all of the happily married couples at your wedding is to dedicate a special song to them. Let your DJ know your intentions ahead of time and pick out a meaningful song. Then, ask all of the married couples to come up on the dance floor to slow dance as your DJ counts up from 1 year of marriage until there’s only one couple remaining. Not only will everyone get to share a special dance with their spouse, but you’ll get to find out who at your wedding has been married the longest! 


Incorporate “Something Old” In Your Wedding Ceremony  

Have you heard the saying that every bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue? Well, you might have something new and blue covered, but what about something borrowed or something old? If you are looking to celebrate and honor others love at your wedding, why not ask to borrow something from them? It can be as simple as a bracelet or watch, or as extravagant as a wedding dress or veil. If your grandmother and grandfather’s love inspired you, consider incorporating something from their wedding ceremony or reception into your own, like their champagne flutes or knife set.   


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