Color Me Married: Spring Wedding Colors for All Brides

Color Me Married: Spring Wedding Colors for All Brides

Just like white tends to dominate winter weddings as the predominant color, pastels have long been the go-to for spring weddings. And with the 90s having officially “come back” with the rise of Mom Jeans and floral prints, there certainly has never been a trendier time to go traditional. But if you’re looking for a spring wedding color theme that will stand out and still look timeless, there are many ways to go that include a contemporary update on pastels. We break down some of our favorite color trends below.

From the fresh grass to the new leaves, there’s no escaping that green is the color of spring. But often green gets overlooked in weddings as it can look a bit much if overdone. Incorporate the color effortlessly into your wedding via a bouquet that’s heavy on the greenery with a few brilliant floral colors poking through. You can also hang clippings and branches around your reception area for a more earthy green.

If pastels truly aren’t your thing, do a 180 and embrace bright colors. After all, with nature exploding in color just outside, why tone it down if you don’t want to? Add some depth to your brights by mixing them with organic and seasonal colors like blue or pink and adding a wooden or natural texture.

Of course, there are as many ways to do pastels as there are brides so consider getting edgy with your pastel palette by muting the colors; opt for greyish purple to lavender and keep yellow out of the picture. Or, if you like the brighter side of the color spectrum, go full tilt by heavily emphasizing oranges and yellows instead of pinks and purples.

Outside of pastels, you can always opt for flower decor by making your own pressed-flower name cards and menus and covering the aisles with fresh cut pink and white roses for a more traditional look. Another option is drape only the bridal aisle with flowers for a more dramatic effect.

Another unusual but increasingly popular color trend is to embrace the light brown of eggs and khaki pants by going with a pastel brown palette that evokes the numerous tones of wood and sand present this time of year. A muted tan can also work perfectly for a bridal gown affixed with floral-shaped splashes of color such as bright orange and blue.

Finally, even if you choose not to go with a pastel palette for your wedding gown, give your groom the option to step outside the black box and try a salmon or mint jacket paired with classic khaki pants or something a bit more colorful.

In the end, by focusing on both what makes spring so special and the colors that have personal meaning to you and yours, you can come up with a wedding color palette that will stay fresh for decades to come.

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