How to Create a Dreamy Bohemian Garden Wedding

Bohemian weddings have a distinctly romantic and relaxed feel that is earthy and inspired by nature. That’s why there is no better place to have a bohemian wedding than in a garden, surrounded by natural elements. When it comes to planning, what’s especially great about bohemian weddings—and the reason they’re becoming increasingly popular—is that they follow an anything goes rulebook. That leaves endless ways to personalize your wedding and create a unique, romantic experience that embodies your love. Let us provide an idyllic outdoor ceremony for your elegant boho wedding, while you concentrate on the rest of the details… 


The Dress 

After deciding to go with a dreamy bohemian theme for your wedding, one of the first things to do is choose a wedding dress. Bohemian wedding dresses tend to be light and comfortable, the perfect combination to set a relaxed, romantic vibe at your wedding. For the perfect boho wedding dress, gravitate towards free and flowy fabrics. Don’t be afraid to pick a two piece or even long sleeve dress either! 



When drawing up your wedding day look, how to wear your hair is an important aspect to consider. If you are planning a dreamy bohemian wedding, you want to look the part. Braids, long hair, and soft waves are beautiful bohemian hair styles. For added elegance, consider adding floral accents or even a vibrant flower crown. 



Flowers are one of the most important features of a bohemian wedding because this style of wedding is nature focused with earthy tones. Aside from hosting an outdoor garden wedding, what better way to incorporate natural elements than through stunning floral arrangements? Unlike traditional weddings, don’t be afraid to be quirky and unique with your flowers. Greenery with splashes of wild flowers is the perfect way to go for a sophisticated bohemian wedding.    



Décor at bohemian weddings also feature natural elements, but how and what to incorporate is completely up to you! This is where you’ll really get to inject your personality into your wedding and customize it. Dream catchers, rugs, lanterns, candles and shimmering fairy lights are all great accessories for your boho garden wedding. You don’t have to abide by the rules here or stay uniform with your décor either. Mixing and matching textures, colors, and positioning will only enhance the relaxed aesthetic that comes with bohemian weddings. Work with your venue to find the perfect balance when incorporating your décor into their event space. The experienced event coordinators at The Park Savoy Estate will help bring your ideas to life! These celebrations are often described as being perfectly imperfect, so let your true self shine through your wedding décor. 



While bohemian weddings have a relaxed, natural vibe, they are still planned down to the very last detail. That means even your cake needs special treatment. Cakes at bohemian weddings should be natural and have an organic look to them. Using fruits, fresh wild flowers and herbs to decorate your delicious wedding cake is one way to tie everything together. Chic boho brides are also opting for a more “naked” look that allows the cake to show through thin layers of frosting. 


When it comes to planning a dreamy bohemian garden wedding, the venue makes a big impact. At The Park Savoy Estate, we have unspoiled grounds that are ideal for your dreamy bohemian garden wedding. Our gardens are bursting with luscious flowers and greenery that will only accentuate the bohemian wedding you’ve planned in your mind. Call us today to schedule a tour!