Creative Place Cards for Your Wedding  

Creative Place Cards for Your Wedding  

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is hashing out a seating arrangement after the RSVPs come in. You have to be aware of preferences and family feuds that have the potential to escalate. Knowing Uncle Mark needs to be on the opposite side of the ballroom from Aunt Carol will do wonders to keep your wedding running smoothly. After struggling through the seating chart process, why not have a bit of fun? Instead of settling on simple paper place cards to designate where your guests are sitting, here are a few creative ideas that will take them to the next level. 



This one is perfect for nautical or beach themed weddings. If you have the time and can track down the shells on your own, it can even be free! You’ll obviously need larger shells to be able to fit names and tables on them, but it’s a great way to inject your theme seamlessly into your place cards. Plus, it’s something your guests can keep forever. 


Holiday Ornaments 

Another creative place card idea for winter weddings is holiday ornaments. This can be done either by writing your guest’s name on the actual ornament, or by attaching a cute tag to the clasp of the ornament. Perfect for December weddings, this will give your guests a yearly reminder of the great time they had at your wedding. 


Framed Chart 

Instead of individual place cards, you can also put up the seating arrangement on a table by table basis. To dress it up, pull together an assortment of mismatched frames—one for each table—and put together a stunning display that adds another decorative element to your wedding. 


Mini Liquor Bottles 

If you are the cocktail aficionados of your friend group, mini liquor bottles might be a great option. These fun, creative place card alternatives will let your guests know that it’s okay to let loose and have a little fun. Simply tie place cards to the neck of the bottle with a festive ribbon and you’re ready to get the party started! 


Window Pane Seating Chart 

For the brides planning rustic weddings, this is another fun idea to consider. Visit your local antique or resale store and find a few old barn window frames with the glass still intact. Grab a few marker pens for glass and get writing. 


Bookmark Escort Cards 

For the bookworms, this is another creative way to spice up standard place cards. Letter pressed bookmarks with your guests’ name and table can keep with a literary theme and give them a little reminder of your special day every time they pick up their favorite book. 


River Rocks 

If you are a couple that loves getting in touch with nature, river rocks as place cards can be a creative way to bring your personality into the wedding. Even better, these can be smoothed river rocks that you pick up throughout your adventurous hikes. 



Just remember that no matter how you relay to your guests their table assignment, what really matters is that they have a great time! The wedding experts at The Park Savoy Estate will help you plan the perfect wedding that your guests will remember for years to come.  


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