Creative Ways to Add Light to Your Wedding Celebrations

Creative Ways to Add Light to Your Wedding Celebrations


Your wedding day is the biggest celebration of your life and you undoubtedly want to make it a day to remember. While walking through wedding venues you might notice that some are darker than you’d prefer, but here are some creative ways to bring a bit more light to your wedding celebration. 


Cluster Candles 


Candles are a great way to add more light and warmth to your wedding celebration. Positioning them together in groups can establish a romantic vibe at your reception. Clustering them in centerpieces creates a unique glow effect for an intimate and romantic feel. Utilizing mirrors in the design can also enhance this effect, making it appear as if there are more candles than you actually have. To avoid any mishaps during the reception, stick to high end LED candles. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them blowing out and ruining the vibe.  


Light Up Columns 


Another unique way to light up your wedding is to wrap columns in lights. Purchase some string lights—preferably matching the cord color to the color of the column so it doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic—and wrap them around the columns. This not only adds light to your celebration, but it also gives a romantic feeling to the reception venue. 


Utilize a Canopy of Lights 


Depending on your wedding venue, you might also want to consider using a canopy of overhead lights. Alternating strung lights across the ceiling with sheer fabric, you can make the whole room glow! Overall, it creates a truly stunning appearance. 


Up Light Venue Walls 


Up lighting is something that is commonly overlooked when it comes to weddings, but the effect it can give a wedding reception is spectacular. If you want to creatively add light to your wedding celebration, look into up lighting packages. You can up light walls or specific tables and if you want to get really fancy, you can even choose different colors for your up lighting. If there is a specific mood or color scheme you’re looking for, choosing colored up lights can provide some brightness and add to the color scheme at the same time. 


Personalized Light Up Wedding Monograms 


Another way to add lighting to your wedding creatively is with a personalized wedding monogram. These are growing in popularity as more and more weddings are lighting up a wall or the dance floor with a personalized monogram from a projector. Not only does this elevate your wedding into another class, but it also adds some brightness and gives guests something else to talk about! 


Host an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony 


Perhaps the best way to add light to your wedding celebration is to host an outdoor wedding ceremony. What better way is there to brighten up your wedding than by bathing your celebration in natural light? At The Park Savoy Estate, we have stunning outdoor gardens that are perfect for your ceremony. Not only will our beautifully manicured grounds serve as a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and wedding photos, but our elegant ballroom also allows ample amount of natural light into the venue. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please do not hesitate to reach out to our wedding event coordinators.

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