Creative Wedding Invitations to Consider 

Creative Wedding Invitations to Consider 


When it comes to your wedding, the invitations you send out are going to make the first impression. If you want you guests to get their first glimpse at your style, how the wedding will feel, or even learn a bit about you as a couple, your invitations are an extremely important piece of stationary. In fact, if you are truly trying to make a statement, your wedding invitations might not be stationary at all! Keep reading for top trends in 2019 and creative wedding invitations to consider.  


Geometric Shapes 

Wedding stationary often tends to be the same shape—rectangular and printed on standard cardstock. In 2019, expect to see more geometric wedding invitations with fun shapes, patterns, and bursts of color. The great thing about breaking the mold and venturing outside of standard rectangles is that there’s no limit! You can have an octagonal invitation, a triangle RSVP card, and a circle accommodations card all wrapped in a standard envelope. 


Laser Cut Paper Invites 

If you’ve got room in the budget and want to get really creative, another great idea for wedding invites are laser cut paper invites. These invites have everything cut out but the font, leaving a dramatic and elegant effect. For a bold and dramatic first impression that will leave your guests in awe, laser cut paper invites are a great choice!  


Passports for Destination Weddings 

If your guests are from out of town, a passport invitation is a unique and creative idea. In addition to including a page with all of the wedding details, you can include information on local hotels, restaurants, and hot tourist attractions that they must check out. Your guests can grab their “passports” and have all of the information they need in one place!  


Foil Stamping 

Do you want all the glitz and glam of glitter without the annoying sparkles that fall off and stick to everything? Foil stamping is a new trend that’s growing in popularity, especially as couples go to rose gold accents for their wedding. The pretty pop of metallic hues not only adds a dramatic element to your wedding invitations, but also some texture and dimension that is sure to make a great first impression with your guests.  


Non-Paper Invitations  

Instead of a standard paper invite, why not take things to the next level and ditch the paper all together? Consider having your invitations printed on something aside from paper, like wood. Consult with a local carpenter that utilizes a CNC router and you’ll have stunning invites that will have your guests in awe.  


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