How to Cut Costs When Your Wedding Goes Over-Budget Without Anyone Noticing

How to Cut Costs When Your Wedding Goes Over-Budget Without Anyone Noticing

No one has ever said weddings are inexpensive, and when you are aiming for an especially elegant affair, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a considerable expense. However, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself getting close to your budget ceiling weeks or months before the big day even arrives. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best tips we’ve picked up over the years that can cut costs to help to get a wedding back on financial track.

Cutting Costs Does Not Mean Cutting Down On Elegance

In the age of social media and email, one way that some brides and grooms are saving money is by using digital invites rather than physical ones you send via snail mail. And while some couples might not have the budget for original paper invitations, considering that they are something to hold on to and look back on for years to come, they are definitely something you’ll want to try and make room for in your budget.

Designing Distinctive Invitations?

However, if having a distinctive visual identity is important to you, then consider hiring a graphic designer to create an original, digital design that you can then print out and turn into your own invitations, all the while saving on pricey stationary costs. Also, rather than creating an RSVP card that will leave an additional carbon footprint when mailed back, include an email or website URL where your guests can RSVP with a click of a button.

It’s All in the Day

Another popular idea that works especially well during the summer season when many of your guests have more flexibility in their schedule is to book the venue on a weekday so as to cut down on the price of a weekend reservation. However, if the weekend is what makes the most sense for you, then turn your attention to ensuring that you make the most of your vendors’ time as many couples often waste money by having a large gap in between the ceremony and reception.

By scheduling your reception for as soon after the ceremony as possible, not only will you cut down on wasted vendor time, but you’ll keep your guests happy and entertained.

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