After the Dress: Picking Your Perfect Wedding Jewelry

Having discussed both the current trends in wedding dresses and engagement rings, this week we decided to continue to focus on the bling in terms of the jewelry you choose to complement and accent your wedding dress. Some brides-to-be choose to keep the sparkle limited to just their engagement ring, but most brides that we help are more than eager to mix and match different jewelry options. So today we’re going to run you through the best practices for buying wedding jewelry.

The first rule of wedding jewelry is fairly simply yet regularly ignored: Don’t overdo it! Remember, your wedding jewelry should serve to complement your wedding dress, not overwhelm it.

Next up, you’ll want to match the type of metal you choose with the color of white that your wedding dress is. If you’ve selected a bright white hue, go with platinum or silver as gold will clash the white. If your dress is diamond white, then pair the off-white tone with rose gold, silver, or pearl. And if you opt for the candlelit shade of white that is Ivory, then it is time to pair it with gold jewelry.

Now what about décolletage? Whether you have a dress with a plunging neckline or a conservative one, pairing the particular neckline style with the right piece of jewelry can truly elevate your dress to a new height of luxury. And it doesn’t have to be a necklace; matching your dress with a pair of chandelier earrings adds a serious “wow” factor and you can go wild in terms of picking the right stone, be it diamond, colored, or your birthstone.

But if your dress boasts a v-neck, then décolletage is a must, be it a simple pendant on a thin, the timeless tastefulness of pearls, or if you really want to go decadent, a crystal choker with earrings to match is always an option.

Another direction that is becoming increasingly common is truly personalizing your jewelry selection, whether wearing an heirloom piece passed down by a parent or grandparent or that diamond tennis bracelet he gave you early on in your relationship that symbolizes something special just between you two, no matter how unorthodox the jewelry selection might be. Sincerity goes a long way in your style selections, so don’t feel obliged to blindly follow “the rules,” even the guidelines discussed above. After all, this is your day and thus you should wear what makes you happy and comfortable. Just don’t overdo it so that people walk away remembering your jewelry instead of your dress; you want to the jewelry to be a natural extension of your overall look while complementing and accenting your dress’ unique features.

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