Experimental Favors – Add Something Unique to Your Wedding

Experimental Favors – Add Something Unique to Your Wedding

It used to be that wedding favors involved custom koozies or some other monogrammed item that your guests may or may not use ever again. Giving out wedding favors is always a nice gesture, but what’s the point if that item is just going to collect dust in a drawer somewhere? That is why immersive favors for guests are becoming a hot wedding trend. What do we mean by that? Keep reading for some great examples of experimental favors!


Garden Seeds

If you want an experimental wedding favor that your guests can actually use, try giving out garden or flower seeds. This is especially appropriate if you’re having an outdoor or barn wedding. Choose plants that are easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Perfect examples are lavender, mint, basil, and chives.


Cocktail Shakers or Cocktail Kits

Cocktail shakers are a perfect gift because for years to come, every time your guests are whipping up cocktails at home, they’ll think of your special day. You can get them vinyl printed, purchase them in the color of your wedding palette or simply attach a cute note with a ribbon. If a classic stainless-steel cocktail shaker isn’t in the budget, try a cocktail kit instead! It will only last once, but it’s something your guests are sure to use.


Hot Cocoa Mix

Another great option for an experimental wedding favor is hot cocoa mix. You can put the cocoa mix and some mini marshmallows in packets or cute little glass jars. This is an inexpensive way to add something unique to your wedding and it’s the perfect wedding favor for a winter wedding.


Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mules have increased in popularity in recent years and with different twists on the classic cocktail, that trend doesn’t seem likely to fade anytime soon. That is why gifting a Moscow Mule mug is a great wedding favor. To make it even more experimental, include a Moscow Mule cocktail kit inside!


Olive Oil, Jams, or Honey

For foodie couples this experimental wedding favor takes the cake—pun intended. Treat your guests to infused olive oil, homemade jam, salsa, or natural honey. Want to include a taste of your wedding day? Our sister property also has a line of our famous tomato sauce that make easy and memorable wedding favors. Whatever you choose, include your favorite recipe or some cooking tips to get them started.


Handmade Soaps or Lotions

Another great experimental wedding favor is handmade soap or lotion. This is perfect for a summer or outdoor wedding and will remind your guests of the great time they had every time they use them. You can either purchase these from a small local artisanal company or try your hand in making it yourself.


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While experimental wedding favors will definitely help guests remember your special day, so will hosting it at a stunning estate wedding venue like The Park Savoy Estate. Not only do we have perfectly manicured grounds for your outdoor wedding ceremony, but our elegant ballroom is sure to wow your guests. If you are interested in hosting your wedding at The Park Savoy Estate, contact us today for a tour!

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