The Fall 2016 Wedding Trends to Consider, Even if You’re Getting Married this Fall

Now that we’ve had a couple weeks to cool down after Labor Day, the signs of fall have been unmistakable. From the summer heat wave finally breaking to that nice early fall breeze that has already set in across the tri-state area, all of our Fall brides and grooms are looking to any last minute features or trends that maybe they should be exploring.


Unlike the past several years where trends from the Royal Wedding still hung over many local affairs, and while the lost-lasting effects of that trend can be felt in such things as the enduring popularity of metallics in table settings, things have taken on an indisputably personal touch that are making more and more weddings the unforgettable affairs they should be.


So which trends are perfect for a personal spin this autumn? As we already mentioned, metallics seem here to stay and that’s because they are surprisingly versatile. According to event planner Harriette Rose Katz, “Depending on how and where you bring [metallics] into your celebration,” she says, “they can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal or even very natural.” What more can you ask?


In terms of fall wedding cake trends, people are scaling back on the height and in some cases throwing the topper in the trash! This has given away to a more pared-down approach to wedding cakes this year, which works perfectly with a rustic autumnal theme.


Now, for all of our talk of the rise of the personal in wedding planning, there’s still no denying trends and fur has emerged as a major one in bridal wear. Whether you prefer the real thing or the faux look, from a full-length coat to a wrap, give yourself that movie star look if that’s what you want!


Finally, what about the flowers? While we’ll get deeper into the trends in a future post, there’s no denying that freshly-picked, wild-looking arrangements are all the rage. And that number one flower for the fall? Consider adding some deep color with wine-colored dahlias.


Of course, we’ll go into far more detailed discussions about dresses, floral trends, and much more as the season goes on, but in terms of getting a head start, this is most definitely where to begin.

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