Five Innovative Alternatives to Traditional Save the Date Notices

A Save the Date notice is a must-have in your wedding plans, and while a simple postcard can get the job done this is your first chance to show off your creative flair! If you’d like to go the extra mile and try something truly unique, check out these fabulous ideas from The Park Savoy Estate.


  1. Refrigerator Magnets

Most Save the Date notices end up on your loved ones’ refrigerators to serve as a daily reminder of your coming festivities. A fridge magnet with you and your significant other’s picture, the date of the wedding and other vital information is a handy change of pace that your guests will appreciate.


  1. Cookie Tins

Your Save the Date is the first step in a long process leading up to your ceremony, so kick it off in style with a token of affection from your own kitchen. Whip up a batch of your favorite cookies or tarts, place them in a small tin and add a small card with all the information about your big day.


  1. Comic Book

A comic book illustration is a wonderful way to tell the story of your relationship or just share a spoofy take on your festivities. Work with a graphic designer or an artistic friend to sketch out a gorgeous visual representation that your loved ones will treasure long after your big day.


  1. Board Game

A board game is a wholly unique idea that you can use to map out the whole trajectory of your relationship or trace out the many activities that you have planned for your wedding day. Be creative and look to existing board games for inspiration on how you will put together your design.


  1. Vinyl Records

Are you and your significant other major music fans? A vinyl record is a fabulous idea for a music-themed wedding, and you can pick up a stack of inexpensive records and put your Save the Date label with all of your information directly onto the record. This is a fabulous change of pace from the traditional postcard and may even become a treasured memento for your loved ones.


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