Four Dazzling Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception With Plaid

For those couples hosting a winter wedding, this can certainly be a great way to save money and buck convention, but not everyone is keen on the traditional snowy white aesthetic that is associated with most winter nuptials.


Luckily, a great way to call to mind the spirit of winter, create a sense of warmth and work with a nearly limitless color palette is to use plaid designs in your décor! Don’t know where to start? Check out a few of these great ideas from The Park Savoy Estate.


  1. Blankets

Whether you’re looking for a great party favor idea or something to hang on chairs at your reception or ceremony, plaid throw blankets are fabulous ways to impart a dash of color into your festivities that you can plan the rest of your style touches around.


  1. Table Accessories

When you begin planning out your wedding reception tables, this is an area where you can show off your creative flair and make great use of this pattern. Napkin and silverware ties adorned in plaid, as well as table runners and linens are all dazzling places to weave your chosen pattern into your decorative scheme.


  1. Cake Wraps

Even the most idyllic cake may seem out of place with your decorative layout, so one way to jazz up the look of a traditional tiered confection is with fabric wraps. These can be placed around the base of each layer of the cake to blend in perfectly with your backdrop, which will really shine in your wedding photos.


  1. Bride and Groom Details

Last but not least, you and your significant other can impart your color scheme in your outfits as well. Grooms can get a welcome pop of color from shoes, pocket squares or ties in your chosen color, while brides can use waist wraps, headbands and other accessories to give their ensembles a dash of color.

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