Four Major Details to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the bread and butter of your wedding announcements, and save-the-dates and online missives simply won’t compare to the anticipation of guests seeing your invite in a mailbox. But how do you make yours shine? Your overall design will certainly help, but how you word your invites will make a huge difference. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind from The Park Savoy Estate.


  1. Host and Bride/Groom Lines

These are two major facets of your wedding invitations that will need extra proofreading before being sent out. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are those issuing the invitation, but evolving family structures and financial dynamics can make this tricky, so make sure to follow the proper format. In regards to the bride and groom names, be sure to set these names off on their own separate lines so they can be featured prominently on the invite.


  1. Request Lines

This is almost like a thesis statement to your invites that is usually split into two phrases: extending the invitation to the recipient and revealing where the wedding will be held. Additionally, it’s important to include whether guests are being invited to the ceremony or the reception only.


  1. Dates and Time

In a traditional scheme, numbers are spelled out, while only proper nouns are capitalized. If you’d like to go for something a bit more contemporary, traditional numerals is more modern and may give your invitations a more casual touch.


  1. Reception Lines

Last but not least, if your reception and ceremony will be held in the same place, you can simply place all of the information on the same card to streamline your invitation. For separate locales, dual cards may be your best bet.

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