Four Winter Wedding Favors that Will Wow your Guests

While certainly not as popular as the spring or summer wedding, winter ceremonies have surged in popularity over the past several years for their unique décor style and friendly pricing from most wedding venues! Of course, after having your friends and family make the trek to your nuptials in the frigid weather, you may be looking for a fitting way to thank them for sharing your special day. Here are a few dynamic wedding favors that will feel right at home during winter.


  1. Holiday Ornaments

Whether you’re preceding or following the holiday season, go with a winter-themed ornament that your loved ones can use to adorn their Christmas trees or as a beautiful piece of décor to decorate their homes with throughout winter. Best of all, these ornaments can even be personalized with your attendees’ names or a special message of love.


  1. Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Pick your favorite local coffee roaster or brand of hot chocolate and fill a series of votive mugs with your wedding date or a special message emblazoned on the side. This is gift that your friends and family can use long after your ceremony and they’ll think of you warmly each time they break it out.


  1. Embroidered Blankets

Who doesn’t love curling up under a throw blanket on a cold winter night? That could be great inspiration for your wedding favors, as embroidered blankets with you and your significant other’s initials can be a wonderful way to say thank you. Consider wrapping them around your chairs at your reception to give your space a touch of warmth and pop of color.


  1. Candle Holders

Candles bring a dynamic warmth to any home during the winter season, and you can give your loved ones a chance to add an elegant piece of décor to their homes with customized candle holders. The styles are nearly limitless, so pick one that says something about you and the one you love.

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