Fresh Cocktails to Consider for Your Spring Wedding

Fresh Cocktails to Consider for Your Spring Wedding

Let’s face it, the food, dancing, and drinks are what most people will remember about your wedding. Obviously, your guests will appreciate the small, personal details you incorporate into your big day, but it’s the food, drinks, and dancing that will leave the most lasting impression. This spring, why not wow your guests with an amazingly fresh and vivacious cocktail? Review this spring cocktail guide to see if any of these signature cocktails seem perfect to leave a memorable impression.


Mango Martini 


Fruits are synonymous with spring and what better way to invite some spring freshness to your wedding than with a nice fruity cocktail? A mango martini is a perfect drink to do just that. Add 2 parts Grey Goose vodka, ½ part pineapple juice, ½ part mango puree, and a splash of sour mixer into a shaker. Add in some ice, shake well, and then strain it into a martini glass. 


Champagne Mojito 


Champagne is the libation of choice for celebrations, but a Champagne Mojito will truly make your cocktail menu stand out. You’ll start by pouring a champagne flute 1/8th of the way with lime juice. Then add a lime wheel and mint leaves. Fill the rest of the flute with champagne and add a sprig of fresh mint for the perfect spring cocktail. 


Lavender Lemonade 


This is a refreshing spring beverage that can be made with or without vodka. The delicate floral flavor of lavender has notes of rosemary and mint, which makes it perfect to diffuse some fresh spring flavor into a batch of lemonade. Serve as is or add a shot of vodka for an adult spring cocktail that will be a guest favorite. 


White Cucumber Sangria 


A rich glass of sangria might seem like it’s meant for the summer months, but this White Cucumber Sangria is the perfect cocktail for your spring wedding. Combine a crisp white wine, sweet honeydew melon cubes, and cucumber for a fresh, earthy taste that’s great for a festive outdoor wedding. This is a spring cocktail that your guests won’t soon forget! 


Pimms Cup 


This one is a British favorite that is sure to inject some freshness into your bar lineup. Pour ginger ale into a Collins glass, followed by Pimms liquor and lime juice. What really brings the personality out in this drink, is the quirky garnish of fresh mint, a twist of lemon, and a cucumber slice. Just remember, this one is stirred, not shaken. 


Create a Unique Signature Cocktail of Your Own 


While these delicious cocktails are certain to win over your guests, there’s nothing stopping you from crafting the spring cocktail that best suits you. Play around with fresh flavors and mixers until you create the perfect cocktail, or play around with your wedding colors for more creative incorporations. You can even do his and hers cocktails and create signage so your guests just exactly what to order. At The Park Savoy Estate, our wedding coordinator will work to make sure your signs and décor are perfectly placed the day of the event. From your initial consultation until the time you and your spouse whisk away at the end of the big day, we will be there to answer questions and ensure a smooth process. 

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