Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your July 4th Weekend Wedding

Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your July 4th Weekend Wedding

We’ve talked at length about how to handle holiday weddings and how to get the most out of them without overshadowing the meaning of the day itself has, sort of like how July 4th is all about independence, freedom, and the American way.  A lot of brides decide to get married on the weekend of the 4th as it’s a national holiday that usually means BBQ’s with friends and fireworks. Considering how gourmet BBQ and fancy fireworks are two hot trends in summer weddings right now, July 4th might be the perfect holiday weekend for weddings.

So how should you take advantage of this naturally celebratory holiday and channel some of that energy into your wedding? Firstly, let’s talk color. Red, white, and blue are the de facto colors of Independence Day and colors that represent quite a bit to both those who have served this country as well as those who have said goodbye to loved ones and supported them while abroad. Thus, this is one on-the-nose color combination that never goes out of style and will help your pictures not look as dated as if you went with the color combo du jour.

The Bridal Party

Giving your bridesmaids bouquets comprised of white hydrangeas, persimmon roses, blue thistle, delphinium and blue nigella are just one of the ways that our country’s colors can spruce up your bridal photos, especially when paired with navy blue bridesmaids dresses for that nautical feel. Of course, it’s not just the ladies who can indulge in some patriotic color. Consider going the New England prep route with classic navy jackets and gingham button-downs given that extra dose of boldness with bright red pants. Last but not least, consider adding a peony boutonniere to tie both bridal parties’ clothes together.

Small Details

Moving beyond the flowers and clothes, the holiday can be alluded to or integrated into your wedding as much or as little as you want. For instance, you could simply dress your ring bearer and flower girl in charming garb that calls to mind our forefathers or you could do your invitations in the colors so as to acknowledge the holiday.

No one, or at least not us, would call you unpatriotic for choosing to do an entirely unrelated theme for your wedding is your big day and while many schedule theirs on holidays not due to their love for the day itself, but rather because it’s much easier for everyone to take the time to travel as this particular holiday weekend gives you not one but two paid days off work in some cases, so do you and be happy!

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