Gift Ideas for Your Partner on Your Wedding Day

You might not see your partner before you walk down the aisle on the big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement of your love. These wedding day gift ideas are a great way to let your soon-to-be-spouse know how much they mean to you and how excited you are to marry them.




Jewelry might be the most common gift that couples share with each other on their wedding day. That’s because jewelry is something that can be worn often and serves as a sweet reminder of your special day. Guys, consider gifting your fiancé a new bracelet or pair of earrings that are sure to make her smile. Ladies, consider a nice pair of cufflinks or a new watch. You can even get the watch engraved with a special message to make him grin every time he puts it on.


Anything with Mr. or Mrs. on It


Pre-wedding gifts do not have to be anything fancy. In fact, anything with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” on it can serve as a great wedding gift. You can find t-shirts, coffee mugs, jewelry and more on sites like Etsy or Amazon. With a touch of personalization, it’s a great way to start your wedding day.


A Honeymoon Excursion


Gifting “things” is nice, but what about gifting an experience? Has your soon-to-be-husband always wanted to try scuba diving? Is your soon-to-be-wife a thrill seeker that has always wanted to parasail? Why not make their dreams come true even more and buy them a honeymoon adventure that you can both experience together? If you’re ready to splurge, a sunset champagne cruise is always a nice gesture!


A Signature Scent


The sense of smell is closely linked to memories. So, why not give your fiancé a new bottle of perfume or cologne that will serve as a signature scent for the big day? Not only will they smell fantastic on the wedding day, but every time they wear it you’ll both be taken back to that magical time.


A Heartfelt Note


If you want to express your love and excitement before the wedding, sometimes the best way to do so is through a heartfelt note. If you aren’t big on words, it can be as simple as sharing your true thoughts when you first met them or when you first knew you loved them. Even a sweet memory that you hold dear or your excitement to tie the knot will suffice. To spice it up a bit, you can even steal your soon-to-be-spouses shoes the night before and write a sweet note or the lyrics to your favorite song on the bottom. This is sure to make them smile as they slip on their shoes before walking down the aisle.


The truth is, no matter what wedding gift you choose for your partner, the gift isn’t what’s going to be remembered. Your love for each other, the loved ones celebrating with you, and your venue are going to be what becomes ingrained in your memory. Let The Park Savoy Estate host the wedding of your dreams! With our immaculate grounds and stunning ballroom, your wedding is sure to be the talk of the town.