How to Give Your 2018 Wedding That Royal Touch

How to Give Your 2018 Wedding That Royal Touch

In the world of weddings, royal nuptials often feel like the fairytale weddings many grow up dreaming about. Many brides want to give their wedding a royal touch. Looking to recent weddings like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s and the upcoming nuptials between Prince Harry and Ms. Markle will inspire countless new wedding trends. Royal weddings are always great for discovering elegant extra touches and below we break down some of our faves.

Going Digital

One way that William and Kate embraced the times was by creating their own site dedicated to their wedding. The content ranged from a timeline of their romance to pictures of Kate as a child and a live Twitter feed, but perhaps the boldest move of all was their choice to stream the wedding to anyone who could access YouTube, turning a personal affair into a global one. If you’re having a smaller wedding than you’d like to, then get your royal on and set up a livestream so your friends and family who could not make it, along with anyone else who is interested, can watch your wedding. Creating a website is also an easy way to share your photos with all of your loved ones.

Personalizing Tradition

The wedding vows at a royal wedding tend to be fairly set in stone as there are literally centuries of tradition at play. And since many of the customs date back to another age, not every single one is relevant to the couple at hand, as evidenced by Kate’s decision to exclude to words “to obey” from her vows. Take a page from the royal playbook and look at what traditions you may be blindly following and then think of how you can put your own spin on them. Remember, it’s all about personalization so update what you feel doesn’t fit your personality while keeping those traditions that truly mean something to you.

Colorful Options

Another way that Kate broke with tradition to create a wedding that was true to her personality was to wear a blue sapphire ring, which also satisfied the “something blue” requirement. So if royal blue is something you want to give a go, but already have a diamond ring, consider blue sapphire chandelier earrings for a dramatic and elegant look. Elsewhere, make sure you’re inviting those who you truly want present at your wedding and aren’t inviting guests simply because it’s expected. Of course, there will always be those guests you can’t avoid inviting, but have fun and remember that as important and magical tradition is, it’s just not as memorable as a wedding day that bears your unique personal touch.By choosing an elegant venue such as The Park Savoy, you can guarantee that you’ll get the royal treatment

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