How to give your rustic wedding theme a feminine touch

One of the most popular wedding themes to emerge over the past several years is the rustic backdrop, which seamlessly combines antique style, natural beauty and effortless flexibility into one dynamic package. For brides and grooms this is typically a great collaborative effort, but a rustic theme can sometimes come across a bit more masculine than originally intended.


If you think your rustic theme is a bit too rough around the edges, there are a number of soft feminine touches you can impart on the decorative scheme that can make a major impact and showcase both you and your significant other’s personalities. Here are a few great decorative ideas to keep in mind from The Park Savoy Estate.


  1. Antique lanterns: Lanterns will fit into a rustic decorative scheme with ease, but to give them a bit more of an ornamental touch, seek out lanterns with intricate designs on the outside. A traditional style to consider is the Casablanca Lantern, which has cutouts along the side and an eye-catching lid that can accentuate the look of any candle or light fixture to enhance the ambiance of your reception.


  1. Bountiful floral arrangements: The rustic theme makes use of many antique objects and other re-purposed materials, but they need to be set against a series of naturally-inspired accents to really help them get in tune with your theme. No matter what season your wedding takes place in, go bright and bold with your floral arrangements and turn them into full centerpieces for your reception tables. Any type of antique container or basket could blend in beautifully with your theme and can be a backdrop for a stunning floral arrangement in your wedding décor.


  1. Lace Accents: A touch of lace can provide a soothing touch to any decorative scheme, so consider looking into lace tablecloths, napkin ties, table runners and other additions that can punch up the look of your reception tables. Lace is a fabulous addition that will provide a contrasting neutral color that can warm up the look of a space, as well as providing a more dramatic backdrop to rustic floral bouquets and centerpieces.


There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with a rustic wedding theme, so mix and match with your favorite decorative accents to find the right balance of tastes between you and your future partner!

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