A Guide to This Summer’s Hottest Wedding Fashion Trends

A Guide to This Summer’s Hottest Wedding Fashion Trends

With summer now into its second half, it might be tempting to stare off into the setting sun of fall when it comes to wedding planning. But if you’re getting married this month or next or if you have a wedding or three to attend and haven’t figured out your wedding fashion formula or wedding day ensemble, don’t freak out. We’ve got you covered with both summer wedding trends and updates on what’s hot and not this second half of the summer season.

Trends For The Men

Firstly, let’s cover the guys up front for once. As guys (usually) do not have the good fortune of getting to wear a breezy dress when it’s hot out, light, breathable fabrics like linen are key. A Gingham jacket is a laid back yet sophisticated while a dash of color can sometimes be the thing that ties the whole thing together, be it statement pants or a dramatic boutonnière. Of course, if air conditioning is ready at hand, going the classic cotton tux is timeless no matter the season. Just make sure you have something a bit lighter waiting for you and the guys before the real party starts.

Trends For The Ladies

For the ladies, let’s start with the brides. Now if you’re getting married this year, you’ve obviously already ordered your dress at least eight weeks in advance. If you’re getting married around this time next summer, here are some trends and ideas to keep in mind. Floral prints never go out of style but we’re seeing a continued refinement of this classic adornment, whether forming a cutout backside or making for an engrossing pattern. We’re seeing less billowing and more toned-down skirts while necklines really depend on personal taste as both plunging and conservative are having their respective moments. Oh, and expect capes and capelets to be everywhere next summer.

For the bridesmaids, it’s usually a reflection of what the bride is wearing but we’re also seeing more brides letting their bridesmaids do their own thing while coordinating their looks along a set theme.


Lastly, guests want to aim for that perfect balance of comfortable yet fashionable, easy-going yet elegant in their dress selection.  Floral prints are everywhere these days and are perfect if your style is more down-to-earth but with considerable class. While we’re exaggerating, it can seem like there are two styles of wedding guest dresses: long and short. Considering that we fall on the side of being comfortable, it’s really all about getting the dress that works for you.

And with that, our summer wedding trends round-up comes to a close as we start getting ready for all the exciting trends from the last year’s Bridal Fashion Week to hit the boutiques. Happy shopping!

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