High Or Low Wedding Centerpieces – The Pros And Cons Of Each

High Or Low Wedding Centerpieces – The Pros And Cons Of Each

Planning your wedding is a fun and exciting time, and there are many choices that need to be made. Some choices—like the venue—are bigger than others. Other options, like what type of centerpieces to have, can also make a big impact on the aesthetic of your wedding. If you are wondering whether you should choose high or low centerpieces, we are here to help. Keep reading for the pros and cons of high and low centerpieces.

Pros of High Wedding Centerpieces

One of the benefits of high centerpieces is the wow factor. High wedding centerpieces pack a big punch when it comes to visual appeal, especially when guests first step into your reception and take in the entire room. High wedding centerpieces also provide a lot of visual interest and add another layer of décor for your venue. They can fill in empty space to make your reception seem fuller than it actually is.

Cons of High Wedding Centerpieces

As beautiful as high wedding centerpieces look, there are some cons. The first is that they can appear too formal. If you are having a more casual and intimate wedding, high centerpieces may look out of place. Another con of high wedding centerpieces is that they can provide some visual obstructions. When guests sit down for dinner, they might have their view blocked based on the placement and height of the centerpieces. The guests could also have less space available for dining and relaxing if the tables chosen are not large enough to accommodate the higher centerpieces. In these instances, you might want to consider a smaller centerpiece.

Pros of Low Wedding Centerpieces

One of the pros of low wedding centerpieces is that they are open and inviting. The lower stature opens up the space at the table and lets your guests see each other and easily converse amongst themselves. Low centerpieces are also usually more cost-effective, and your options are endless. From greenery garlands to candles, you can find all types of centerpieces to meet your aesthetic.

Cons of Low Wedding Centerpieces

One of the biggest cons of low centerpieces is that depending on what you choose, they can look sparse. This can be directly affected by the size and shape of the table that is used. It won’t create as much visual appeal, which could cause you to bring in some other visual elements to create an elegant aesthetic for your wedding.

A beautiful way to dress up your reception tables is to use a mixture of both low and high centerpieces. This can be a mixture on each table, or some tables can have high centerpieces and others have low.

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