The Hottest June Wedding Themes for 2017

The Hottest June Wedding Themes for 2017

As you’ve likely noticed when booking a venue for a June wedding, this is the most popular month of the year for weddings, with August coming in second. And if you’ve chosen to get married outdoors or somewhere like a gorgeous beach or vista, coming up with  June wedding themes can be tough. Even having an indoor wedding can be tricky as there is so much beauty in plants and foliage this time of year, it’s tough not to go with a floral or another basic summer theme like a beach party (whether held at an actual beach or at a venue.)

That said, for the more adventurous bride, the very explosion in colors and tones can offer a great launching pad for creating a theme that ties in perfectly with the season while reflecting your personal tastes and preferences as a couple.

For instance, June means baseball for those dedicated fans and though you may cringe at the idea of having Mets or Yankees banners hanging all about, there are much classier ways to go. For instance, instead of a wedding book, you can have an antique barrel full of baseballs that each of your guests can sign with a personalized message.

Another theme that is easy to lean into given the time of the year is an enchanted garden theme. Whether you were a fan of the book The Secret Garden as a child or simply love to garden, create centerpieces that are a collection of tiny, blossoming plants in clay jars and placed in a shallow glass or ceramic dish. Going with an alternative wedding book idea again, you could also buy an assortment of vintage flower pots that your guests can embellish with paint pens so that you have mementos of your June wedding every season.

Lastly, whether you’re doing a full outdoors wedding or a split indoor-outdoor affair, a country or farm theme is another popular June wedding concept. Whether you choose to bring in barrels of hay or simply go for an Americana-style type of decoration using plenty of antique tools and farming ephemera, going the luxury farm route offers plenty of ways to put new twists on old classics. For instance, if you love BBQ, consider doing a five-star affair with top-shelf cuts of meat and exotic spices to add a unique twist on down-home eating.

Of course, no matter what theme you choose, by focusing on what makes the love you share with your partner so special, you’re sure to have a trove of ideas from which to mix and match to create a wedding that is truly your own.

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