The Hottest Wedding Trends for Summer 2016

As spring slowly morphs into summer, the heat rises, and blue skies form the perfect background for your wedding, it’s that time to look at some of the trends shaping this wedding season.

Just like muted and pastel colors are ideal for spring weddings, choosing a complimentary set of dynamic colors to match the intensity of nature–especially if you’re planning on an outdoor wedding–will elevate your wedding’s optics to a serious degree. The main trick with choosing dynamic colors is to err on the conservative side, sticking to two or maybe three sophisticated colors to really make your wedding stand out.

Along with the increase in favor for dynamic colors, personalization is something we’ve talked about a lot as a defining characteristic of many of the most successful weddings we see. The same goes for wedding theme: while beach and garden themes have been the de rigeur for summer weddings for some time, now more and more couples are getting inventive with their theme, instead choosing one that means something personal to them, like a baseball-themed or music-themed wedding.

When it comes to your centerpiece, natural decorations have long been a hallmark of summer weddings. While cut citrus has been adorning tables for decades, consider what a hollowed out watermelon or flowers collected from the wedding grounds will do. The main thing to keep in mind is picking a centerpiece that reflects your personal relationship, so if nature isn’t your thing but old vinyl is, consider picking up some old 45s from your local Goodwill and refashion those into truly singular center pieces.

While keeping it green–from using all reusable materials to Eco-minded centerpieces—is certainly the prevailing trend with a color in it, keep an eye out for white. Ever since Solange Knowles’ wedding in which the entire wedding party was decked out in white, it’s been a trend that’s been on the serious upswing. Proof that this trend is getting play outside of the celebrity-sphere, bridal designer Hailey Paige recently made wedding headlines when she dressed her whole bridal party in white.

So whether you ditch a floral centerpiece in favor of one made of objects or fruit, decide to go green, or make your whole wedding white, by following some of the above trends, you’re sure to have a wedding people will be talking about long after those trends have passed. After all, by focusing on keeping it personal, you’re ensured to have a wedding worth writing home about.

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