How to Bring in a Little Warmth to Your Winter Wedding

How to Bring in a Little Warmth to Your Winter Wedding


Having a winter wedding is amazing, but despite how heartwarming your love is, you might worry that your wedding will feel a bit frosty. That’s normal, considering there can be several feet of snow and subzero temperatures outside. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to bring in a little warmth to your winter wedding. From illuminating candles to hot beverages, here are a few ways to add warmth to your winter wedding.


Light it Up 


Candles are a great way to emanate the appearance of warmth. You’ll obviously want to avoid the fire hazard that comes with real candles, so grab packs of various size and shape flickering LED candles and light the place up! Clustering candles throughout the reception place will give off an inviting and warm feeling while making your guests feel like they’re stepping into a cozy winter wonderland. 


Offer Hot Beverages with Elegant Garnishes 


Another way to warm guests up at your winter wedding is through their stomachs. Consider offering hot beverages—either alcoholic or non-alcoholic—with unique garnishes. A spiked cider can have a cinnamon stick while gourmet hot chocolates can come with a candy cane rim or fresh mint sprig. Not only will these drinks warm your guests up from the inside out, but they’ll also be delicious and give your wedding something truly unique. 


The Menu 


Speaking of warming guests up from the inside out, you can also put a warming spin on your menu. Instead of serving a Caesar salad, why not opt for a warm soup? Serving comfort foods is another way to make your guests feel warm and cozy while they’re at your winter wedding. Try serving stuffed meats for an entrée or making your appetizers extra special with baked cheeses or bacon. 


Creative Custom Favors 


If you are looking to bring a little more warmth to your winter wedding, favors are a great way to do that. You can gift candles with a custom scent that will remind them of your special day every time they light it. Coffee mugs with your wedding hashtag or anniversary date are another idea that will keep your guests feeling warm and cozy for years to come. Custom coffee cup sleeves are another great wedding favor that is becoming increasingly popular. 


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