How to Create a Personalized Holiday Wedding Cocktail

How to Create a Personalized Holiday Wedding Cocktail



Sometimes the simplest touches can make a world of difference at a wedding. A personalized holiday cocktail for your wedding might seem insignificant, but if done right, can be one of the highlights of the night. Keep reading for ideas on how to create a personalized holiday wedding cocktail for your big day! 


Incorporate Your Theme 


Something to keep in mind when you’re creating a personalized  holiday wedding cocktail for your wedding is your theme. If you’re planning a winter wonderland theme wedding, incorporating a sparkling sugar rim on your cocktail is a nice, subtle nod to your snowy theme. If you’re planning a sophisticated rustic theme, using fresh garnishes like mint, rosemary or thyme tie in nicely. For a vintage romance wedding theme, try a mulled wine sangria or a Manhattan with a nice elegant garnish like a blackberry or fresh fruit. 


Utilize Your Color Scheme 


Another way to seamlessly tie a personalized holiday cocktail into your wedding is to match it to your color scheme. If you are having sparkling gold tones in your wedding color scheme, why not something involving champagne or prosecco? Or, if the wedding color scheme incorporates reds or pinks, consider what type of mixers would tint your personalized holiday cocktail that color, like cranberry or pomegranate. You can also utilize pops of colors with garnishes to tie into the wedding theme, like lemons, raspberries, blackberries, and sprigs of mint. 


Choose Seasonal Tastes 


Something else to keep in mind is the tastes and foods that are in season during your holiday wedding. If your wedding is near Thanksgiving or during fall, why not incorporate apple cider or cinnamon flavoring into your personalized holiday cocktail? If it’s near the winter holidays, perhaps consider peppermint or vanilla. You can even garnish with mini candy canes or a peppermint coated rim to give your personalized holiday cocktail an extra touch. 


Give Your Cocktail a Name and Design Creative Signage 


The last thing you want to happen when you spend the time and energy creating a personalized holiday wedding cocktail is for your guests to miss out on it! People have their favorite drinks—Cosmopolitans, Dry Martinis, Gin and Tonics, Whiskey Sours—and might not even think to stray from their usual unless they are prompted. That’s why giving your cocktail a name and having creative signage is essential. A cute name and display will prompt guests to ask the bartender about it or chat with fellow guests and by the time you know it, everyone is enjoying the signature holiday cocktail that you created! 


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