How to Create and Manage Your Wedding Group Part I

It might seem like creating and managing a wedding group in the 21st century is simple. I mean, we never miss an opportunity to press “like” on every single picture of a cat that we come across. How hard can it be to keep people up-to-date on wedding plans?

Oh…if only.

Like many things today, it may only take a couple of mouse clicks to do, but to actually see real results, takes some effort and savoir-faire. Facebook Groups are the obvious choice as it’s still the reigning king of social media. Creating a group is simple. On your main FB page, there’s a section called “Groups”. Click it and on the top right-hand side of the page, select “Create Group”. From there, choose who you want to be included and post.

It’s also a smart idea to create separate groups for different events. You may not want the general planning party to be privy to all the details of the bridal shower or bachelorette party, to name some minor examples.

Is FB the only viable way?

Absolutely not, and lest we end of sounding like someone offering advice to set up their Myspace account ten years down the road (young-ins, it was kind of like Facebook, only obnoxious with stars and glitter and such), there’s many alternatives for group-specific planning. You may want to consider alternatives simply because Facebook is so good at distracting people, it defeats the purpose of creating a group expressly to get things done.

  1. Google+

is gaining steam due to its focus of being more for professionals and people wanting to share ideas without having a newsfeed full of internet memes.

  1. Groupbox

is another free social media forum for communities and event planning. It includes discussion boards, which might make it easier to hash out specifics over the post-reply-post-reply FB interface.

  1. Yahoo Groups

Remains as the old but consistent workhorse of online communities –never surging in popularity but never fading out. If you can ignore the fact that it’s always to distract you with news stories, it’s a pretty good alternative.

  1. Groopt

If you want your wedding planning group to include things like polling systems to gather consensus on bridesmaid dresses or spreadsheets so everyone has a clear idea on the budget, then Groopt is the way to go.

Now that you know your options, next week we’ll discuss what you actually post in your wedding group and how to keep people active and involved.


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