How to Create Your Dream Winter Wonderland Wedding

How to Create Your Dream Winter Wonderland Wedding



Summer weddings are by far the most popular, but winter weddings have an intimate, romantic vibe that summer weddings simply cannot replicate. If you are planning on a winter wedding, achieving the perfect wonderland look might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to learn how to turn your wedding venue into the perfect winter wonderland escape. 


Color Palette 


The first thing you need to consider for your dream winter wonderland is the color palette. There are many options to choose from and it all comes down to your preferences and the atmosphere you are trying to create.  


One option for a winter wonderland color palette is dusky blues and greyed jade. These soft and subtle colors give a nod to the frigid temperatures outside without being too washed out. Another good option is a mix of greys, greens, and gold, known as snow covered pine. Gold and grape are another color scheme that goes great for winter wonderland weddings with a pop of color and class. Frosty blues and greys are another sophisticated color palette for your wedding that offers a romantic, masculine touch. 


Utilize Sparkles 


If you close your eyes and think about a winter wonderland, what do you see? Chances are sparkling blankets of snow is one thing that pops into your mind. That’s why if you are trying to create a winter wonderland you should definitely utilize sparkles in your décor. Tastefully incorporating sparkles into your wedding stationary is a great way to let guests know what to expect when the big day rolls around. You can also utilize them throughout the reception in wedding signage, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and even bridesmaids’ dresses. 




Even though it’s winter you can still incorporate flowers into your big day. There are plenty of stunning flowers in season even during the chilling winter months and these are a great way to incorporate some sophistication and romance into your wedding. Pastel floral arrangements with a few pops of your accent colors are popular for winter weddings. You can also utilize white roses or hydrangeas throughout your venue to give the appearance of snow. It might appear like your guests are in a winter wonderland, but they’ll be cozy when enjoying delicious food and drinks before dancing the night away!   


Incorporate Cozy Elements in the Reception 


With any winter wonderland wedding, it is important that your guests still feel cozy. Flickering candles are a great way to do this, of the LED variety. Candles create an element of warmth and intimacy that are great for a winter wedding. You can also serve a homey menu or signature cocktail that leaves guests feeling warmed from the inside out. 


Planning a winter wonderland wedding takes careful preparation, but the first step should be choosing your wedding venue. The Park Savoy Estate is the perfect venue for your dream winter wonderland wedding. We have stunning grounds that are great for photos and our ornate ballroom can adapt to any winter wonderland color palette. To learn more and schedule your tour today, contact us!

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