How to Ensure She Will Love Her Engagement Ring (While Still Maintaining the Surprise)

How to Ensure She Will Love Her Engagement Ring (While Still Maintaining the Surprise)



It happened. You have found the girl of your dreams and you can’t imagine spending a single moment without her. The time has come to pop the question with the perfect ring, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Society has put a lot of pressure on what the perfect ring should be, but in reality it’s what she finds perfect that really matters. To help with the process, there are a few things to consider when beginning your search for an engagement ring that won’t ruin the surprise. 


Ask Her Friends: 


It’s no secret that girls talk about a lot with their friends. When it comes to help with choosing an engagement ring, don’t be afraid to pick her friends’ brains and even get their opinions during this meaningful process. After all, no one knows her style better than her best friends and no one would be happier to share their advice than these special women. Once the initial hysteria of excitement comes to an end, her friends are sure to guide you in the direction of a ring that your other half will love. 


Peak Inside Her Jewelry Box: 


Take advantage of the resources you have at hand. Pay attention to the jewelry she wears everyday and what she has tucked away. What color metal does she prefer? Silver, gold, or rose gold? Are her rings oval shaped, round or princess cut? Does she have a simple, elegant style or does she prefer more of a bold statement? It is also a good idea to take one of her rings to the jeweler with you to make sure it is sized properly. Just make sure it isn’t one she wears everyday so that she doesn’t notices when it goes missing. 


Take the Hint: 


Guys, all you have to do is listen! There’s a pretty big chance your lady is dropping hints, whether they are subtle or not. Here is a tip: pay close attention when ring commercials come on or when a friend or family member gets engaged and shows off their ring. Does she ooh and ahh over certain styles? Picking up on the looks she gives and the comments she makes when it comes to rings can make the searching process much easier. 


Educate Yourself: 


Whether you start browsing for an engagement ring online on sites like Blue Nile, or visit your local jewelry store, it is important to educate yourself on the 4 C’s of diamonds, which are: cut, color, clarity and carat. Getting familiar with each of these diamond categories will help you with your decision-making process.  


For instance, cut is the most important of the 4c’s because it has the most influence on the diamond’s sparkle – and who are we kidding, every girl wants that thing to sparkle! The cut also involves the shape that she wishes her ring will be. So based on what you’ve gathered from her friends, found in her jewelry box and even what you have heard straight from her mouth, you should have enough information to off of when choosing the perfect cut for her.  


However you choose to do your detective work, just remember to take all of your findings into consideration and your secret will make for the best surprise!

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