How to get the Word out about your Wedding Registry

As unforgettable as your special day may be, one of the hidden joys that follows your nuptials is going through the many cards, presents and small gifts your friends and family members have given you. With any luck, you have set up a thorough wedding registry beforehand to ensure that you and your significant other will have everything you need entering married life.

For those who are just getting their wedding registry started, making sure wedding guests have easy access to it is essential. Here are a few registry promotion tips from Park Savoy to ensure that your loved ones know exactly what to look for.

1.Utilize a wedding website

These days, most couples will create a wedding website to consolidate all the important information about their nuptials to easily allow their loved ones to access it at any time, reported Newport Wedding Glam. This is a perfect place to add a link to an online version of your registry, so your guests can view each item individually, as well as choosing gifts that have not been chosen by others.

2.Add information to your invitations

There are bound to be a few of your guests that won’t be especially tech-savvy, so make sure you include your registry information with your wedding invitations. This is an easy way to cover your bases and give your loved ones everything they need to choose the perfect wedding gift.

3.Plan early!

Some guests may wish to send a gift when they first find out you are engaged to congratulate you on your engagement.  This also gives you time to revise or add to the registry if you forget something that you would love to have. Remember this is your “wish list” so put a range of things on there.  You will be surprised at how often people you did not expect might want to send you a memento to honor the occasion!


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