How To Get Your Groom Involved In The Wedding Planning

How To Get Your Groom Involved In The Wedding Planning

groom involvedTraditionally, when it comes to wedding planning, the bride tends to take the lead in getting things organized, picking the vendors, and making many of the big decisions for the big day.  However, a wedding and a marriage takes two people and they often are more successful when both the bride and groom are involved in the preparation process.   Here are some items that your groom can help out with.

  • Is He Creative? If your husband-to-be is handy with design, have him design your engagement announcement card, or save the date announcement to be sent out to friends and family. Or perhaps he is into photography and can create a photo guest book or other item to display at your reception.  This can be a fun and easy job for grooms-to-be that can easily be done online.
  • The Budget: While both brides and grooms can be good with money, often the groom likes to be involved with the budget. This can be a great way to involve him in picking vendors and making other important decisions.
  • Entertainment: Whether you decide to go with a band or a DJ, this is often a great task for the groom to take charge of.  Have him research bands and DJs and organize “dates” for you two to go and check out the prospective entertainment.  If he decides to choose a DJ, have him create a playlist of songs that you both want to hear at your reception.
  • Signature Drinks: For many grooms, the bar menu is a big deal.  He’ll enjoy creating a fun cocktail to serve your guests.
  • Food: Is your groom a “foodie”?  These days, more and more men are embracing new and exciting food and if your guy falls into this category, then he could be a great choice to handle the food for the wedding by choosing the menu.

Ultimately, how your groom gets involved in the wedding planning will depend on his skills and interests.  The secret lies in finding out where his interests lie and how they can be applied to getting him in on the wedding planning.  And who knows, he might surprise you and he could turn out to be a secret wedding planner!

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