How to Keep a Wedding Intimate Even When The Guest List is Big

Most us dream of fantastic, larger-than-life weddings. Where all of our friends and family are there smiling and proud as you walk down the aisle. Everyone comes up to congratulate you and declare how happy they are for you. It’s a wedding taken photo-copied from out most lovely dreams.

The reality is that weddings tend to be chaotic. You’ll be pulled in several different directions at once (especially before the nuptials) and yet, many people also want their weddings to have an intimate wedding atmosphere. You can see how this quickly becomes a conflict.

So, are intimate weddings impossible when the guest list goes over fifty people?

Well, it’s not easy, but it is possible. The trick comes in reexamining our definition of “Intimate”. Google Dictionary defines “intimacy” as “close familiarity” and “a private cozy atmosphere.” There’s actually a common trait among those definitions: attention. We correlate a private night in with one other person as intimate because there’s no one else to divide our attention between. When in fact, you can achieve intimacy in a group setting. It just takes some creative thinking:

  1. Keep Everyone Involved.

It’s impossible to be everywhere and once during a wedding (and it’s still your day. It’s your right not to be), but you can circumvent this by keeping as many people involved as possible. Set up events like the Shoe Game and pass the microphone around the tables so everyone can ask a question, or set up an event where everyone gets to take photos with the bride and groom. Events are more memorable when people feel a part of events as opposed to watching others participate and being a wallflower.


  1. The Wedding isn’t The Only Event

If there’s no room for addressing guests at the nuptials and reception, you could consider using additional events to create that intimate atmosphere of friends and family. You could have a pre-wedding dinner with selected guests sometime before the wedding for example. If you go this route, make sure to plan well ahead –time will become a precious luxury the week up to the big day (Obvious, yes we know. But we’ve met our share of stressed-out and exhausted brides and grooms.)

Ultimately, weddings can be kinda’ paradoxical in that it’s a special day centered around your partner and you, but people often feel as if their being pulled in several different directions at once. Be honest with yourself and have the kind of wedding you want. If the idea of being a social butterfly on your wedding day energizes you, then go for it, but don’t feel pressured to pile on the guest list just because you feel like you should invite everyone you know. There are workarounds to keeping everyone involved during a big wedding. There’s no workarounds for not embracing the kind of wedding that makes you the happiest.

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