How to make your outdoor wedding an intimate experience

There are few things more beautiful than an outdoor wedding, as the celebration of love and family is set against the gorgeous natural backdrop in a wonderfully fitting manner. Of course, unlike a church or traditional wedding venue, these open spaces don’t lend themselves easily to creating an intimate scene.


To ensure that your wedding photos come out beautifully and you have the idyllic setting you’ve been dreaming of, use these tips from Park Savoy to put together a dazzling outdoor wedding that can make magnificent use of your backdrop. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind.

1.       Create an entranceway

Framing the outdoor environment for your use is a tricky aspect of planning one of these ceremonies, and a center entryway to the main aisle is a great way to define the boundaries of the space. Pay particular attention to your theme here, as a trellis draped with flowers would look perfect in a traditional ceremony, while repurposed doors and potted flowers would pair beautifully with a rustic decorative scheme. There’s no right or wrong answer for this feature, however, so mix and match until you find the right fit for your special day.

2.       Utilize natural features

It can be difficult to make an outdoor setting seem intimate, but the natural features of the area can be pivotal in crafting the right atmosphere. Use the existing rocks and tree line as a guide to plan out your seating section, and accent the outside of these areas with flowers and other unique pieces of décor. If there is a large tree at your site, use this as the anchor of your space and hang lanterns or other pieces of flair from the branches to quickly provide a decorative boost to the layout.

3.       Shake up your seating arrangement

If the idea of arranged chairs doesn’t jive with your chosen wedding theme, buck convention and do things your own way. Skip the chairs and go with long benches that are accented with blankets or elegant wraps, or if you’re going for a more rustic theme, simply pick up bales of hay and cover them with colorful blankets. Be sure to bring along a few extra sturdy seating options for elderly wedding guests!

4.       Provide guest amenities

An outdoor wedding comes with its own set of concerns, especially if the wedding takes place during the summer. During warmer weather, consider putting out bottles of water and towels, and place your wedding programs on small sticks to be used as fans throughout the ceremony. Other great ideas like customized sunglasses, parasols, flip flops and other items are fabulous ways of helping your guests thoroughly enjoy the environment no matter what the temperature is.

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