How to Manage Wedding Party Outfit Problems

How to Manage Wedding Party Outfit Problems

No matter how precisely you plan, there are always going to be issues with wedding party outfits. Whether it’s a bridesmaid not fitting into her dress or a groomsman showing up with scuffed and worn dress shoes, these issues are a pain to deal with. You already have enough things to worry about when planning a wedding, so follow these tips to tactfully manage wedding party outfit problems for your big day: 


Let Bridesmaid Choose Their Dresses 


Most wedding parties are made up of people that have different fashion preferences, body sizes, and budgets. That’s why more and more brides are letting their bridesmaids pick out the dress they actually want to wear. Just provide a color and some specifics about the material, length, and type of strap, and then let them do the rest. Better yet, you can make a fun day out of it by first going out to brunch and then having a mini fashion show as they try on bridesmaid dresses together. 


By allowing your bridesmaids to have some more freedom, you can be conscious of everyone’s budget and also avoid certain bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable in dresses that don’t suit their body type. With everyone feeling comfortable and happy with their choice, their smiles will shine even bright on the big day. 


Be Up Front About Wedding Day Expectations 


When renting tuxes or suits, most places do it on a piecemeal basis. A full outfit costs a certain amount, but if you don’t get socks, shoes, cummerbunds, etc., the price goes down. This seems like a good way to cut down the rental price for your groomsmen, but you need to be honest about what you expect before letting them make their own choices. Let them know what type of socks and shoes they need to have—or buy—as well as the condition they should be in. The last thing you need to worry about is a groomsman showing up with severely worn black or brown shoes and having open dialogue from the start will help. 


Bridesmaids Dress Not Fitting 


Brides are always going to worry about their bridal dress fitting when it comes time to put it on for the big day. What you don’t need to worry about is a bridesmaid who doesn’t fit into her own dress. In order to mitigate this, remind your bridesmaids in advance to schedule their dress fittings. You should also remind them to try the dress on a month or so in advance. This will save everyone the stress of a bridesmaid struggling to get in for alternation or realizing the day before the wedding that her dress doesn’t fit. 


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