How to Organize Your Bridal and Groom Suites for Maximum Fun and Comfort on the Big Day

Your bridal and groom suites provide the perfect space to relax and prep for the big day that lies ahead. However, many of these spaces are blank canvases that you need to put your own special touch on. Weddings can be stressful and you want to set yourself up with a space that will allow you to relax and have some fun before the big day. If you want to know what you need in your suites and how to organize them, keep reading!  



With the excitement of your wedding, simple things like eating can fall by the wayside. That’s why it’s important to have some snacks in the bridal and groom suites to keep everyone fueled for the day ahead. Stick with snacks that aren’t messy or greasy. Talk with our event experts about the timing and number of people at your event so they can plan accordingly.  



You’ll also want to have a drink station set up in the suites. For early wedding prep sessions, a mimosa bar is a great way to add some fun into the suites. Just remember that it’s easy to become dehydrated so you’ll also want to have plenty of water available for everyone to drink as well. 


Electronics Station 

One section of the bridal suite, preferably far away from the drinks and snacks, should include an electronics station. This is where you’ll have some speakers—if your venue doesn’t have them built in—to play music from. While you’re getting ready and goofing around, chances are phone batteries will be drained while everyone is snapping pictures and uploading snapchats. That’s why you should also have some phone chargers readily accessible so everyone can keep their electronics charged for the long day that lies ahead.  


Amenity Basket 

You never know what you might need on the big day, or if anyone will forget anything. While you may have your emergency kit handy, some people may be missing out on one or two things. Consider adding items to your basket such as; lip chap, lint rollers, mouthwash and mints, dental floss or picks, bobby pins, safety pins, lotion, tweezers, tums, tampons, hairspray, tissues and earing backs.  


Bring an Emergency Kit 

No matter how prepared you think you are, it’s important to be ready for any emergencies that arise. Having an “Emergency Kit” in both the bridal and groom suites is essential. These kits include band-aids, headache and pain relivers, stain removers, and other emergency essentials like mouthwash, bobby pins, and deodorant. You might even want a small sewing kit in case there are any last-minute wardrobe malfunctions. No one likes to think about things going wrong on their wedding day, but it’s important to be prepared just in case they do!  


Not all wedding venues have bridal and groom suites, but at The Park Savoy Estate, we have immaculate bridal and groom suites that can accommodate parties large and small. Our wedding and event planners will work to make sure that they are clean and organized for the maximum comfort and fun on your big day. Call us today to schedule an appointment to tour our grounds and see what our bridal and groom suites have to offer!